Customer Comments:

"Dear Nova: 
Quick note to let you know that my machine is working wonderfully.  I've spent the last couple of days sewing on it.  Lots of catching up to do, but such relief to know that I can count on it to perform!   
 Add one more happy customer to your database!"
Boca Raton, FL

"Memories restored with the restoration of my mom's featherweight."
Houston, TX

"Thanks for helping me fix my grandmother's featherweight."
Laguna Beach, CA

"Hi Nova! Both the Nova's Featherweight Maintenance Card and foot control that I ordered arrived today. I LOVE the Maintenance Card! I had so dreaded oiling the machine. With your card, oiling was a breeze. Thanks a million! I was worried about the wiring to my original foot pedal, therefore, I was glad to get the new one. Also, I am a Bernina user, so I'm comfortable with the new foot pedal. I have a feeling that I'll probably always use the new foot pedal now. Oh, I just finished making a quilt top on my 1952 Featherweight.
Thanks again for the excellent service!"

Featherweight Repair

Nova's goal is to keep these fantastic little machines sewing for many years to come!

Don't miss Nova's Featherweight Maintenance Workshop.  This workshop remains Nova's most popular because it empowers students to care for their own machines.  Machines must be in good working order (able to sew) to come to class. 


Consultation Services

If you live a long distance away and would like to try to repair your machine without shipping it to Nova, she will be glad to assist you.  Consultation services are provided through Skype with live video, email or by telephone after you have paid through PayPal.  You will get up to 3 emails or one telephone visit of up to 30 minutes, or one live Skype session of 30 minutes to attempt to correct your difficulty.   Consultation services are $35. Click here to subscribe to Consultation Services.  If the difficulty with your machine can not be solved through the Consultation Services, and you choose to ship it to Nova for repair, 1/2 of the Consultation Fee will be applied to the repair of the machine.

Shipping Your Machine to Nova for Repair

Nova will be happy to repair your machine if you ship it to her.  Please contact Nova for shipping instructions.  She has much experience in shipping Featherweights.  She will email you detailed instructions, so your sewing machine can travel more safely.

Rewiring Your Foot Controller

Nova will be happy to help you replace aluminum wiring or damaged cord sets.  As a service, she will replace the wiring for the cost of the cord set and return shipping, if you will mail your foot controller to her.
Any machine left for more that 90 days with non-payment for repairs and no arrangements for payment to be made will be sold.