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A Century of Progress

The Chicago World's Fair of 1933 and Its Quilt Contest

A great exposition was held in Chicago in 1933 to celebrate the city's 100th anniversary.  "A Century of Progress" was selected as the theme of the Fair to highlight advances in science and technology during the previous 100 years.  Scientific exhibits of all kinds were set up.  New inventions such as the television were seen by the public for the first time.  Foreign nations came and had pavilions to exhibit their culture, history, foods and products.  Manufacturers took the opportunity to set up displays and advertise their wares.

The Fair was a success that created great memories for the millions who attended.

Sears, Roebuck, and Company, the nation's largest retailer, was based out of Chicago.  They built a pavilion at the fair that diagrammed their shipping and delivery systems (since most of their business was mail order) and a comfortable place for visitors to rest.  On the mezzanine level visitors could view the winners of the Sears National Quilt Contest.

Almost 25,000 people entered quilts in this contest!  Find out why. 

Let Nova take you back in time to see the background in our country leading up to the Fair, the factors that contributed to the enormous participation, some of the quilts made for the Fair, and the people who made them. 

"Let's go to the Fair!"

This has become Nova's most popular quilt guild presentation.

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Nova,  Thank you for such an excellent presentation of the Chicago World's Fair.  I appreciate your passion for research!  We, the audience, are the beneficiaries of all your hard work.  What a difference it makes; I was on the edge of my seat!
Allison B.
Plano, TX
It was my favorite of all the guild presentations I've ever been to!
Leslie M.
Baytown, TX