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Celtic Vision

This is a great workshop for students who are just beginning their quilting adventures!

Nova uses one of the patterns from Karen Combs' book "Celtic Pieced Illusions" to construct this dramatic 42" square quilt.  A variety of design possibilities that would make the quilt larger are also explored.  This workshop requires that the students have Karen Combs' book "Celtic Pieced Illusions".  They may purchase it before the workshop or from Nova (at a discounted price) at the workshop.

"You are a very patient and calm instuctor.  The fact that you have so many other interests and techniques really fill out the class with much more than I expected."  Lisa F., Workshop Attendee, South Houston

Student's beautiful work

Lots of fun!!

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ova to schedule a workshop for your group.
"Nova has been my instructor for several quilting classes involving various quilting strategies and equipment.  Each of the workshops have been designed to be concise and presented in an orderly fashion with well developed visuals and handouts.  I have found her to be very enlightening and well informed.  She brings her extensive background to each lesson."   Judy, Huntsville, Texas