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Quilters' Cotton: Your Fabric's Story

     "Cotton is the fabric wool would be if it were light enough for summer and didn't shrink to toddler-size in the dryer; it's what silk would be if it gracefully absorbed sweat, and what linen might aspire to if it didn't wrinkle on sight."  -- Stephen Yafa

Nova takes you on a whirlwind world history tour following this whisp of fiber through time and around the globe with its tales of enslavement, revolution, and industrial espionage.  Then she takes you into the cotton fields.  From the fuzzy seed to harvest the audience will get an up-close look at cotton, which includes experiencing planting on a large cotton farm and observing a small gin in operation.  This presentation takes you from the seed to the cotton bale.  Learn about the bio-genetics involved in today's cotton and the rest of the story about how the cotton harvest is utilized.

                              This has become the second most popular lecture that Nova offers!

Peruvian naturally colored cotton (no dye!).

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Ancient Peruvian Tapestry

Natural Colored Cotton in the Field

Harvest - Unloading the Picker into the Module Maker