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Singer Featherweight Tip of the Month 2016

August 2016

Nova often tells her students to treat their Singer Featherweight foot controller like a china tea cup. The internal parts of the original Singer Featherweight foot controller are not replaceable and are very delicate.

The foot controller works from a carbon resistance pack on the inside. This is comprised of a porcelain (typically) pack filled with thin, round carbon discs. The carbon discs are the delicate parts.

When a foot controller is opened for service (not something recommended for the owner to do), Nova can tell how the foot controller has been treated. If there is a lot of carbon dust present, it is an indicator that the foot controller has been dropped, or kicked over time. The dust is from the breaking of the carbon discs inside the pack.

The photo here shows the inside of the foot controller. On this foot controller the porcelain pack is broken away. You can see the carbon discs on the inside.

Eventually, when multiple carbon discs are broken, the foot controller will begin to get hot. Singer Featherweight foot controllers can get so hot that they can catch carpeting on fire. Since there are no internal replacement parts, the foot controller has to be replaced with an electronic model. (Click here to see the replacement foot controller available through Nova’s online Shop.)

Therefore, be careful! Treat your foot controller carefully (like a china tea cup), and if it is getting hot – replace it.

Registration is open for Nova’s Featherweight Maintenance Workshops at the International Quilt Festival in Houston. Nova is teaching two classes there this year on Friday and Saturday. These are the only openings remaining for 2016 for Nova’s Featherweight Maintenance Workshop. The workshop numbers are 522 (Friday) and 715 (Saturday). Click here to be directed to the Quilts, Inc. web site for registration.  Don't delay.  These workshops sell out quickly.

June 2016

When you are doing routine maintenance to your machine or minor repairs such as changing out the motor belt, be sure to check for thread that has become entangled in various places and remove it.

This photo is of the motor pulley. The red is thread. There was a large amount of thread wound around the pulley causing the belt to slip and wear.  

Thread entangled in the machine can cause a variety of problems including excessive wear, sluggishness, etc.

A clean machine is a happy machine!

Happy Stitching!

May 2016

The effects of thread quality on your Singer Featherweight.


April 2016
Bobbin Case

Order the scissors noted in the video by clicking here.

March 2016
Singer Featherweight Stop Motion Knob, Washer


February 2016

The MAAS metal polish that I carry in my online Shop (click here to find it in the Shop) is fantastic for restoring Singer Featherweight attachments, case latches, face plates, chrome bobbin winder wheels, and other metal parts of the machine that are not painted.

It works well to remove rust and polish out blemishes on the original attachments, bobbin cases, tension discs, etc.

It should never be used on the painted portions of the machine. Products for caring for the paint, decals, and carrying case are detailed on Nova’s Featherweight Cosmetics Card.

January 2016
Singer Featherweight 221 Motor

Happy New Year!

This year we will begin the Tip of the Month with information about your Singer Featherweight Motor. I hope you enjoy the video and find the information useful!


I hope 2016 will be a wonderful and prosperous year for all.

Happy Stitching!