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Refund Policy for Workshop Seats

Nova will be happy to issue you a refund for a class that you have registered for, provided the registration comes directly to her (not to a guild, Quilts, Inc, etc.). 
Her policy is that a 50% refund will be given up to one month prior to the class, with no refund after that.  No 'credit' for a future class can be given due to the complexities that arise with contracts, scheduling, waiting lists, etc.  If Nova cancels the workshop, a full refund will be issued.

Switching dates, for any reason, will incur a 25% fee due to the difficulty in restoring seat availability, rosters, etc.

If Nova must cancel a workshop for circumstances beyond her control, she will notify you via email.  Check your email.

Failure to communicate about a cancellation, refund or transfer, will result in your class fee being forfeited.

Nova communicates with students via email.  Make certain she has your correct email.

If a class is cancelled, Nova will notify you via email.  Check your email!!

Nova has NO control over refunds, etc. when registration is through a guild, festival, show, etc.  Their policies, not Nova's, would be in place.

Prerequisite for Nova's Featherweight Repair Workshop is Nova's Featherweight Maintenance Workshop within the past six years (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, or 2020).  If you have NOT had Nova's Featherweight Maintenance Workshop within the past five years, and you register anyway, you will forfeit your ENTIRE registration fee.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!

Workshop Waiting List Policy

WAITING LISTS: If a class is full, you will be given the option of signing up for a waiting list.  You are NOT registered for the workshop at that point, only on a list to be notified if there is a cancellation.  If there is a cancellation, everyone on the waiting list will be notified at the same time via email.  The seat will go on a first come first served basis to the person who registers and pays for the workshop.
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Nova reserves the right to refuse admittance to a workshop to anyone at anytime for any reason.

Telephone Orders

A 4% surcharge will be added to ALL phone orders to cover the higher costs of credit card processing, etc.  Shipping will be charged on telephone orders.

Return Policy for Items Purchased through Nova's Online Shop

Nova will allow you to return an undamaged item (new condition) for a refund up to 30 days from the date of purchase.
Cost of shipping package to you initially will be deducted from the total purchase price along with a 10% restocking fee.

Defective products may be returned for a refund up to 30 days from the date of purchase.
You must communicate with Nova prior to returning any item.

Due to the great variance in the quality of parts, Nova will not install parts purchased elsewhere on your Singer Featherweight 221.  Please do not ask her to do so.

Machines Left for Repair

Any machine left for Repair with Nova where the owner ceases communication with Nova will be considered to be abandoned after three months time.
Any invoice left unpaid for over 30 days will begin an automatic late fee of 10 percent applied every 30 days until the invoice is paid in full (including the late fees).  No machine will be transported, shipped or delivered until all fees are paid in full.


If classes are posted and registration is open, then they are being held as scheduled.  If the class must be cancelled due to COVID-19, refunds will be issued or option to transfer IF you are registered for the class at the time of cancellation.  If you choose to transfer, the standard refund policy will be in place regarding the new class.  If you choose to cancel, the standard refund policy will be in place.

As we begin to return to "normal", Nova's Featherweight Maintenance Classes will resume with limited seating (seating is always limited and they sell out quickly, but this will be even more limited) and social distancing measures in place:

  • All students will be required to wear a mask covering the nose and mouth while in the classroom.
  • Students will be seated with appropriate social distancing and asked to maintain social distancing when entering the classroom, during breaks, etc.
  • Students will be asked to provide their own and use hand sanitizer when entering the classroom and paper towels for drying their hands after sanitizing (NOTE: hand sanitizer will ruin the finish on Singer Featherweights).

Nova communicates with students via the email you used to register.  Make certain she has your correct email if it differs from the one you used to register.

If a class is cancelled, Nova will notify you via the email you used to registerCheck your email!!