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Nova is now doing her famous lectures via ZOOM!!!

Contact Nova to arrange a ZOOM lecture for your guild!

Nova's Quilt Presentations

Nova's presentations are approximately one hour in length (longer with audience participation).  She can also customize a lecture for your group if they are accustomed to shorter programs.

Nova is now offering ZOOM lectures for quilt guilds!!  Contact Nova for more information!

Please click on the Quilt Lecture Topic below to be taken to its page for more photos and a more extensive description.

                                               Those Fabulous Featherweights!

Our mothers and grandmothers purchased these marvelous little machines in record numbers (the Featherweight was Singer’s best selling machine for years).  And now, today’s quilters have made them extremely sought after collector’s items.
  Journey through the years of history with an abundance of stimulating visuals and visit the place these machines captured on the American scene. 

 A Century of Progress

Journey to the 1933 World’s Fair and the Sears National Quilt Contest.
During the height of our country’s worst economic depression the city leaders of Chicago hosted a great exposition. Sears, Roebuck and Company sponsored the largest quilt contest in history. Almost 25,000 women jumped at the chance to win over $ 1000 in prize money!  Mentally “travel” to the exposition and view some of the wonderful quilts from the contest with all the accompanying intrigue and mystery.

This presentation has become Nova's most popular quilt guild program.  She brings her vast collection of memorabilia with her for the audience to enjoy.

I Grew Up In A Cotton Field

Cotton has had an impact on civilization  for centuries. Enjoy an in-depth look at how cotton has shaped our lives and at the history of the fiber that brings us the beautiful fabrics we love, and its contemporary production on cotton farms in South Texas.
This lecture has become Nova's second most popular lecture for quilters.

This presentation works well for civic groups who are accustomed to a presentation of approximately 30 minutes or it can be a full length presentation for quilt guilds.   This lecture looks into the type and style of fabrics and quilting that were typical of Colonial America.

Contact Nova to schedule a presentation for your group.

"Our experience with you was g.r..e..a..t!!  Thank you for all your research and having the ability to share it with the rest of us.  Not all people/speakers can do that.  Thank you again for a wonderful program and workshop."      Lana S., Program Director, Common Threads Quilt Guild

"It was my favorite of all the guild presentations I've ever been to!"   Leslie M.,   Baytown, TX

"I just attended your 1933 World's Fair Quilts presentation in Tyler.   Absolutely loved your presentation!"   Laura G.

"Nova gave a presentation to the Garland TX Quilt Guild last night, and I am STILL thinking about it!  The story of the 1933 World's Fair and its quilt contest is really amazing, and I thank you Nova for doing such thorough research.  It was really a wonderful program!"
Marsha M.
President, Garland Quilt Guild
Garland, TX

"Loved your presentation!!!
Ray B.
Carrollton, GA

“Thank you again for the wonderful program you presented.  I have had many phone calls from our members saying how much they enjoyed your presentation…”
-- Dea Heller
Program Director
San Antonio, Texas