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Contact Nova

"Nova is the Singer Featherweight expertPlease feel free to contact me if you need any additional information or if I  may be of service to you.
I am passionate about sharing our rich quilting heritage with audiences and students.  Please contact me to schedule a program or workshop."

Nova Montgomery
PO Box 1307
Hughes Springs, TX

Email Nova:

Nova checks her email regularly.  So, if you don't hear from Nova, something is lost in cyberspace.  Try typing Nova's  address into your regular email, or feel free to call.  If you call, please keep in mind that Nova is in the Central Time Zone. 

ATTENTION:  Due to the unbelievable number of robocalls coming through from numbers that look legitimate, the best way to contact Nova is through email (   If you choose to call, be sure to leave a message.  She will not return a call if no message is left.  If you do not hear back from her soon, please contact her again.  She always returns emails and phone calls, so something got lost somewhere.

Though Nova Montgomery specializes in the Singer Featherweight, she is not affiliated with the Singer Corporation in any manner.