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Featherweight Repair

Entrust your machine to someone who not only is an expert with these machines, but has spent years Nova is an expert on Singer Featherweight 221's.  Trust her to repair your machine.researching and developing specialty products for them.

Nova's goal is to keep these fantastic little machines sewing for many years to come!

Nova's Mechanical Service includes up to 6 hours of work on your Featherweight.  Typical machines require 4 - 6 hours of labor. 

Service includes:
Cleaning of all mechanical parts of the machine
Proper lubrication
Inspection of the motor, motor brushes and proper lubrication of the motor (motor not opened)
Inspection of the electrical wiring to the foot controller and what is visible on the underside of the machine
Inspection and adjustment of the motor belt
Removal, cleaning, replacing and adjusting the tension assembly - including polishing the tension discs if necessary
Inspection and cleaning of the interior of the foot controller
Cleaning, polishing, inspection, and adjustment of the bobbin case
Sewing with the machine and adjusting for its perfect stitch

Machines from all over the country are regularly shipped to Nova for repair.  Her expertise with these machines is unparalleled.  If you choose to ship your machine to Nova for repair, please carefully follow the packing instructions in the video below to make sure your machine arrives safely and let Nova know it is coming. 

Ship to:
Nova's Featherweights and Quilting
PO Box 1307
Hughes Springs, TX   75656

If your machine needs parts, Nova will contact you prior to installing them on your machine.  Due to the great variance in the quality of parts, Nova will not install parts purchased elsewhere.  Please do not ask her to do so.

Return shipping for repairs will be billed at the time of invoicing.

Trust Nova to expertly care for your Singer Featherweight 221.  She is dedicated to preserving these machines.

Repair of Singer Featherweight original black cases will be determined on a case by case basis.

Don't miss Nova's Featherweight Maintenance Workshop.  This workshop remains Nova's most popular because it empowers students to care for their own machines.  Machines must be in good working order (able to sew) to come to class.Contact Nova to schedule a workshop for your group.

Shipping Your Machine to Nova for Repair

Nova will be happy to repair your machine if you ship it to her.

Click here to download Packing Instructions for Shipping your Singer Featherweight for Repair.

PLEASE do not use packing peanuts.  They do not protect the machine, and they make a tremendous mess in Nova's workshop.

Below is a video to aid you:

Consultation Services

If you live a long distance away and would like to try to repair your machine without shipping it to Nova, she will be glad to assist you.  Consultation services are provided through Skype with live video, email or by telephone after you have paid through PayPal.  You will get up to 3 emails or one telephone visit of up to 30 minutes, or one live Skype session of 30 minutes to attempt to correct your difficulty.   Consultation services are $35. Click here to subscribe to Consultation Services.  If the difficulty with your machine can not be solved through the Consultation Services, and you choose to ship it to Nova for repair, 1/2 of the Consultation Fee will be applied to the repair of the machine.

Rewiring Your Foot Controller

Nova will be happy to help you replace aluminum wiring or damaged cord sets.  As a service, she will replace the wiring for the cost of the cord set and return shipping, if you will mail your foot controller to her.

If you would like the original "S" bakelite plug (the plug that goes into the machine) put on the new cord set, Nova can do that for you.  There is a small labor charge for this service.

Simply mail her your foot controller (wrapped well in bubble wrap to protect it) with your contact information included.  After the repair Nova will email you an electronic invoice that you can pay with a credit / debit card or PayPal account.

Bobbin Case Service

Nova will clean, polish, check and perfectly adjust your original Singer Featherweight bobbin case (part #45750) for $35 (any parts that might be needed are additional).
Ship your bobbin case with your information to:
Nova Montgomery
PO Box 1307
Hughes Springs, TX   75656

Motor Cleaning

OK, so your Featherweight Motor has stopped.  What do you do now?  Nova would much rather restore your original Singer Featherweight Motor than install a new, foreign manufactured motor.  Wouldn't you rather have the original American made motor? 

Or, someone has goofed and placed oil (remember you never place oil in your Featherweight's motor) in the motor.  What now?  Nova can clean that out for you, or an inferior lubricant.

Contact Nova about her caring for your motor.

Machines Left for Repair

Any machine left for Repair with Nova where the owner ceases communication with Nova will be considered to be abandoned after three months time.
Any machine left for over 30 days will have a storage fee of $15 per month charged until it is picked up.
Any machine left for more that 180 days with non-payment for repairs and no arrangements for payment to be made will be sold.

Repair Customer Comments:


Many thanks.

She purrs! So anxious about turning her on, but it's like riding a bike and my bare foot loved the foot controller! This is going to be fun!

--- Debbie

"Many thanks for making my FW like new.  I really appreciate your talent.
If my friends need help, I will refer them to you."  
Marilyn N.

"My machine arrived undamaged and in way better condition than I sent it.  I have unpacked the box, but I will have to wait until later to give it a test drive.  Thank you so much for doing maintenance and repair on my Featherweight, Nova."  
Kay O.

Hello Nova —

I spent quite a lot of time this past weekend with my granddaughter and my Featherweight. We had such a good time —— thanks to you!

It works beautifully!

I cannot tell you how grateful I am that I found you by the grace of God.  You brought my machine back from the brink of death. I feel so guilty that I treated it so poorly all its life. I have resolved to make up for that in whatever time I have left!


Hi Nova,
This is a long over due Thank You for the wonderful service you did on my machine. I could not get back to sewing until Dec.,  when I had a number of rush items to make. Oh my, my machine stitches better than ever. Thank You so very much. -- Dorothy W.

I got my sewing machine back today. Thank you so very much. I appreciate your prompt service and reasonable cost.
E. Bowen, TX

Rewired foot pedal received. Thank you very much for your prompt and excellent service!
S. Owens, MD

Nova:  I received my 221 on Wednesday, filled my bobbins, threaded easily and IT IS PERFECT!  I can see why so many rave about their Featherweights: I am only sorry I did not have it fixed years ago. Thank you so much! 
S. Phillips, AL

Hello there, 
My featherweight arrived today, and I just now set it up and ran it around on a pillowcase!  It is WONDERFUL!  So smooth and chipper! What a super job you did with this!  I am looking forward to choosing a pattern and making something in honor of the machine's return to me and to a useful and loved life!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Meredith S., FL

Nova, Thank you again....can't wait to sew with the little guy! 
Just FYI.....two repair shop people told me I needed a new a cost of nearly $400.  One of them just tried to sew a few stitches....didn't even look carefully.  I don't know about the other guy as my daughter left it with him.  Worth the postage!  -- Sheri F.   (Note: Sheri's machine had a thread jam, not a bad motor......)

Good morning, Nova:  It was wonderful to read about the introduction of your new product!  I've placed my order and look forward to using it on my baby.  I felt as though this month's newsletter  was personally speaking to me since my machine was sent to you for repair -after I had paid a "professional" to clean & oil- for your assessment that my machine was not functioning properly, in part because it had been returned back to me by the "professional" completely void of lubricant!  Thanks to your expertise, care & servicing, my machine is working perfectly!  I feel so blessed to have found your website.  Thank you again,   Ethel N.

Memories restored with the restoration of my mom's featherweight. 
Nancy,  Houston, TX

Thanks for helping me fix my grandmother's featherweight.  Andy,  Laguna Beach, CA

Hi Nova! Both the Nova's Featherweight Maintenance Card and foot control that I ordered arrived today. I LOVE the Maintenance Card! I had so dreaded oiling the machine. With your card, oiling was a breeze. Thanks a million! I was worried about the wiring to my original foot pedal, therefore, I was glad to get the new one. Also, I am a Bernina user, so I'm comfortable with the new foot pedal. I have a feeling that I'll probably always use the new foot pedal now. Oh, I just finished making a quilt top on my 1952 Featherweight.  Thanks again for the excellent service!  Fran

Dear Nova:Quick note to let you know that my machine is working wonderfully.  I've spent the last couple of days sewing on it.  Lots of catching up to do, but such relief to know that I can count on it to perform!   Add one more happy customer to your database!  Ethel, Boca Raton, FL