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Bed cushions (set of 4) - (Feet)

These cushions are for the black and tan Singer Featherweight 221 and the 301 / 301A.  The 221K7 (white Featherweight 221) has a totally different bed cushion that glues on rather than screws on as these do.

I have lots of class participants who tell me their machines don't have bed cushions.  They look at where the bed cushions should be and all they see is a glob of gray goo.  At one time their machines had bed cushions or 'feet' that looked like the one in the picture, but time, rot, air pollution, etc. have deteriorated the rubber.

The old cushion can be removed by digging it out with an old screwdriver after softening with kerosene.  Once you get enough of the old cushion out to see the screw, remove the screw to replace the old cushion with one of these great new ones.  Replace all four (sold as a set of four), so your machine stays level.  Class participants in the Nova's Featherweight Maintenance Workshop learn this as well as other handy skills.

These were designed to protect your table top.

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