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Foot controller with cord

This is a complete unit with the foot controller (or foot pedal) and cording.  The original style foot controller with the little black button is no longer manufactured and there are no replacement parts for the original foot controller except the wiring. 

This foot controller is more the style of a Bernina foot controller. 
If you are accustomed to the newer style, you might enjoy this foot controller.

If your Featherweight was manufactured at the Elizabethport, New Jersey plant (serial number begins with an "A") in the United States, your machine will have round prongs on the electrical receptacle (where you plug the cords into the machine), and this new foot controller will plug into the machine.  If your machine was manufactured in Great Britain at the Kilbowie Scotland plant (serial number begins with an "E"), the electrical receptacle will have flat prongs.  The receptacle will have to be replaced on the machine before a new foot controller will be able to be plugged in.

Nova personally tests every foot controller prior to shipping it to you, so you can be assured it will work and be ready to sew when you receive it.  Additionally, when she has completed its testing, she will wrap your new electrical cords up with a Velcro cord wrap to help you keep them tidy and from being damaged by the case lid slamming on them.

Nova will warrant these for ONE YEAR from date of sale.  These must be treated just like the original foot controllers - "like a china tea cup".  They are delicate electronic equipment.

You do NOT need a PayPal account to order through Nova's website.

Also fits Singer Models:  15-30, 15-88, 15-90, 15-91, 66, 201, 206, 239, 306, 319

There is a video demonstration of the foot controller below.

"Hi Nova...just letting you know that my foot pedal and maintenance cards arrived this afternoon and I am more than pleased. You are a blessing because I had no idea there was a replacement foot pedal. I have rheumatoid arthritis and my hands, legs and feet have been giving me fits. I have some foot drop so the old foot pedal just wouldn't work right for me. At first I thought the plug might be too hard for me to handle but it went in with no problem...a little tight but no problem and I'm thinking it might loosen up some over time. I tried it out and it's wonderful. I don't leave it plugged in at the machine all the time....again, thank you. The cards are a huge help too."  Gail F.