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On US Web Store Orders
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NEW!! Classic Featherweight Extension Table Package

NEW!!  Classic Featherweight Extension Table Package -- for the purist!!

Black acrylic extension table 17 3/4" x 22 1/2" with the Featherweight decal emblem as embellishment from Sew Steady company

Package includes a silicone based polish kit, spinner tray for storing scissors, etc. and keeping them readily accessible, and travel bag!  Nova loves the travel bag!!  She uses it to carry not only her table, but also her mats and rulers when she goes to sewing bee and retreat.

The carrying case is just right to carry not only the table, but also your 18" x 24" cutting mat and rulers to bee or retreat.  It has an outer pocket for storing the spinner tray and a back strap to attach to another rolling bag handle for ease of transport.

The spinner tray is one of my favorite tools.  It attaches to the left front leg of the table and rotates forward for you to drop your pins or scissors in, then 'spins' out of the way under the table.

As always, FREE Shipping on US orders through Nova's website.

This is a CUSTOM order.  Your table will be shipped directly from the manufacturer to your door -- allow about two - three weeks for delivery.  Once table is ordered, there can be no cancellations or returns.

Nova uses this process for table orders for two reasons:
First, the risk of damage during shipping is greatly reduced by having it shipped directly to you instead shipping to me and then to you.
Second, it eliminates the expense of paying for shipping twice - the savings is passed on to you.

You do NOT need a PayPal account to order through Nova's website.