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Nova's Featherweight Attachment Card

This photo shows a small sample from the heavy weight laminated card with crystal clear full-color photos that gives a brief description of the most common Featherweight attachments and how to use them.

In every Featherweight Maintenance Workshop students ask about "the strange looking metal pieces in the little green box" that came with their Featherweights - and what do they do!?

Learn to use these attachments and expand your horizons!  Your Featherweight will do a lot more than just a simple straight stitch!

The card is designed to fit in the front of your Featherweight case for durability and accessability.

You do NOT need a PayPal account to order through Nova's website.

"The order arrived yesterday.  Thank you.  I absolutely LOVE your featherweight cards!!!  They are clear and concise and well illustrated.  WOW!!!"   Rosemarie

"Got your cards. I tried winding bobbin and got a real mess. Looked at your cards, adjusted the clip a little right and voila. Bobbin little loose per your test. Tightened and stitching perfectly. Machines intimidate me but with your card fine.  Thanks again."  Debbie

"I really like the cards.  What a brilliant idea!!!!   Glad I found you..."    Yvonne