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Nova's Featherweight Maintenance Card

This photograph is a small sample of the crystal clear, full color photographs that show you with precise application points exactly where and how to perform basic maintenance on your Featherweight 221.  The card is 8 1/2" x 11" heavy weight laminated card stock that is designed to slide right in the front of your Featherweight case to be easily accessible and not easily damaged by oil and grease.

For several years my students requested a visual reminder of the basic instructions we cover in my Featherweight Maintenance Workshop.  There is NO way that a two-sided card can cover everything that we do in a seven hour intensive workshop.  However, this great card will give you a visual of the basic maintenance of the machine. 

Full color photographs with clear red arrows point to key places that need attention on these machines.  The instructions are clear and direct with both the front and back of the card packed with information.

This card is really a MUST HAVE for every Featherweight owner!

You do NOT need a PayPal account to order through Nova's website.

"I just went through my Featherweight maintenance - following your card which is SO helpful."   Mary K.

"The order arrived yesterday.  Thank you.  I absolutely LOVE your featherweight cards!!!  They are clear and concise and well illustrated.  WOW!!!"   Rosemarie

"Got your cards. I tried winding bobbin and got a real mess. Looked at your cards, adjusted the clip a little right and voila. Bobbin little loose per your test. Tightened and stitching perfectly. Machines intimidate me but with your card fine.  Thanks again."  Debbie

"I really like the cards.  What a brilliant idea!!!!   Glad I found you..."

"I just wanted to say that I love the information on your website.  It has been informative and entertaining.  It has given me confidence to get my Featherweights out and working again.  I also think your maintenance card is great.  You did a terrific job!"       Peggy W.