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Nova's Featherweight REPAIR Class

New dates for 2024 are here!!
June 26 - 28, 2024

Location: Mt. Pleasant, TX -- Nova does not plan on ever taking this workshop 'on the road'.

This is a professional level workshop designed for those interested in repairing Singer Featherweights for the public in their area.  It is a hands-on, three day workshop. All aspects of normal repair will be addressed, including:
  • diagnosing issues
  • motor belt changing
  • tension assembly - all three styles - including time the tension assembly
  • bobbin case repair
  • motor cleaning and armature polishing
  • rewiring the electrical receptacle
  • rewiring the foot controller - all three "button" styles and clam shell style
  • foot controller adjustments
  • rewiring the original Singer bakelite "S" plug
  • replacing a light fixture
  • replacing a light switch  
  • rewiring "white" machines that are hard wired                                                       Pure joy!  My motor runs!
  • skipped stitches
  • machine timing
  • extreme case (i.e. submerged machines, etc.)

Also covered in the workshop will be good business practices in dealing with machines belonging to others.

Lunch will be provided one day.

This is intended to be a "hands on" workshop because greater learning and retention is achieved through the student's participation.  You will need to bring a machine to work on.  You will be opening the motor, rewiring, etc.  Keep in mind you will be learning / practicing - there is a possibility something could go wrong and the machine not function at the end of the workshop.  Auditors are welcome, but the same fees will apply.

There is limited seating for the workshop.  This will be a small class.  If you are interested, don't procrastinate.  This workshop fills quickly. 

You are registered after the registration fees have been paid.

There is a REQUIRED tool kit (tool kit fee) that Nova will provide (this is included in the total registration fee).  There is also a SUPPLY LIST which will be emailed to registered students before the workshop.

This workshop is intended to be a general knowledge workshop and not intended to address any specific machine's issues that is brought to the workshop.

Also included in the registration fee:
  • One year of your listing on Nova's Featherweight Repair Directory page (other conditions being met).
  • Admittance to the private Facebook group "Nova's Featherweight Repair Workshop" where you can access the others in this exclusive community who have received this training.
  • Six months of technical help from Nova (this will work in a similar manner to her Consultation Services).

Nova's Featherweight Maintenance Workshop (taken within the past 6 years) is a prerequisite for this workshop.  There will be NO exceptions.

If you choose to register for this workshop and you have not completed Nova's Featherweight Maintenance Workshop (maintenance workshops from other sources DO NOT count!) within the past six years, you will forfeit your entire registration fee.  NO EXCEPTIONS!
Why? Nova is regularly told that Nova's Featherweight Maintenance Workshop (one day workshop) is more inclusive than "the other guys" three day workshop.  It is important that everyone begins on the "same page" for the Repair Workshop.  Nova will not have time to re-address all the information provided in Nova's Featherweight Maintenance Workshop.
It is understood that you may be registered for Nova's Featherweight Maintenance Workshop that occurs between when you register for the REPAIR Workshop and when the REPAIR Workshop takes place.  However, Nova's Featherweight Maintenance Workshop must be completed before the REPAIR Workshop occurs.  
Nova's standard Refund Policy will apply in all other cases.  Read it below.

Payment Plan.
Nova is offering a payment plan for this workshop.  Contact her for more information (  Any payment over one week late will result in the forfeiture of all payments made and the seat being forfeited as well.

Location: Civic Center (Walnut Room); Mt. Pleasant, TX  75455
Time:  9 AM - 4:30 PM all three days

Refund Policy for Workshop Seats
Nova will be happy to issue you a refund
for a class that you have registered for, provided the registration comes directly to her (not to a guild, Quilts, Inc, etc.).

Her policy is that a 50% refund will be given up to one month prior to the class, with no refund after that.  No "credit" for a future class can be given.

Switching dates, for any reason, will incur a 25% fee.

Prerequisite for THIS WORKSHOP is Nova's Featherweight Maintenance Workshop completed within the past six years.  If you have NOT had Nova's Featherweight Maintenance Workshop withing the past 6 years, and you register for the REPAIR Workshop anyway, you will forfeit your ENTIRE registration fee.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!  It is understood that you may be registered for Nova's Featherweight Maintenance Workshop that occurs between when you register for the REPAIR Workshop and when the REPAIR Workshop takes place.  However, Nova's Featherweight Maintenance Workshop must be completed before the REPAIR Workshop occurs.

Nova's ONLINE Featherweight Maintenance Workshop qualifies for the prerequisite.  Please email Nova and let her know you are taking the class ONLINE.

Click here to Register for Nova's Featherweight REPAIR Class.


"I would highly recommend this class.  Mrs. Montgomery has shared much information with us that others would consider proprietary. She is an excellent instructor. She uses a Power Point, demonstrates and also goes around to assist individuals." Ginger W.

"Very well laid out."  Doyle B.

"I really enjoyed and learned a lot from this class.  The amount of time, effort and knowledge that went into the class is so evident.  This class was well worth my money and I am so thankful I could attend."  Jeana B

"This was the best class I have ever had.  I loved the way you talked through what we are to do and then showed us before we did it."  Janice I

"This has been one of my favorite classes, period!  The class was excellent and most helpful.  The teaching style was perfect."  Carol C

"I liked the info being presented several ways, then step by step while we did it.  Nova's knowledge of the Featherweight is so extensive that she can troubleshoot any problems we have.  As a teacher, Nova is patient, encouraging, confident, all traits that allow her to let us explore repairing our machine without damaging it.  'I felt like there was nothing I could mess up that you can't help me fix.'"  Rhonda M