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Traditional Cathedral Windows

The design we know as Cathedral Windows has been in Asia for centuries, but was first recorded in the United States at the Chicago World's Fair of 1933.  Cathedral Windows is a perfect “take along” project.  Nova has completed most of her quilt while waiting in airports and various other places.

In this workshop students explore both the classic method (all by hand) and with the sewing machine for speedier results.
"I enjoyed the class so much - the stories, history, and the techniques and the other students; I love your incredible knowledge of the different areas of quilting history -- and you helped re-inspire my excitement about all aspects of quilting.    Thanks again, Nova - your class was inspiring. :)"
Huntsville, Texas
"The instructions were great - and the information was wonderful.  Info on threads, needles, materials, etc. is very hard to find and Nova's knowledge was graciously shared."
Council Bluffs, Iowa